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"Dear Josh,

We would like to thank you and your staff for all the love, support, education and patience that you have given both of my sons. Our family has been truly blessed to have been able to know you and your staff.  And while it's true that we were hesitant about the idea of leaving our children in any daycare, we couldn't have found a more perfect place than Forever Young Child Care to take care of our children. Our boys have learned new skills, especially when it comes to language development.  they have learned the importance of teamwork, and organization and have reached several milestones from potty training, to learning the alphabet and numbers, to writing their names with the help and support of your excellent teachers. Our time at Forever Young Child Care has truly flew by so fast "

Asha & Nabil Elshaikh

"As someone who is relatively new to city living, I couldn't be happier with Forever Young. Unlike most of the other child care centers I visited, Forever Young is bright and spacious, and has lots of beautifully kept outdoor play areas. For me and my daughter it feels like a city oasis, or a peaceful clearing in a very busy and noisy urban forest! Apart from the calming physical environment, the friendly staff at Forever Young have been invaluable to my daughter's social and academic development. The staff seems almost like family, as we have been with them since my daughter, now four, was barely two years old. Since the turnover rate at Forever Young is relatively low, each teacher, director and other staff member knows Regan by name (and personality!). We are greeted personally every morning by welcoming, smiling faces, and are informed every afternoon of important events or personal milestones that occurred during the school day. Regan is now flourishing in the more 'school-like' Pre-K classroom, where she practices writing the alphabet and learning other basic skills each day. She loves having homework and her very own notebook, and she always looks forward to school. After more than two years I am completely confident in my choice to send my daughter to Forever Young - the proof is her social ease, incredible smarts, and the giant grin on her face when she sees her teachers and classmates every morning."

Heather LaPollo (mom of Regan, age 4)

Flushing, NY

"When it came time to look for a Day Care I was very nervous, but when I went to the tour at Forever Young & met with Josh and Lori I felt very comfortable. When I left that day I knew this would be the right choice. They took the time to listen to my concerns and answer any questions I had.

Forever Young is a safe and loving environment which means a lot to me and helps me get through the day.

I couldn't ask for better teachers to take care of my baby girl. Miss "G" and Miss Nicole are such sweet, loving and caring girls. When my daughter is with them I know she is in the best hands and that she is HAPPY all day. They treat and take care of her better than I could ever ask or expect from anyone. She already does little activities and lessons with them to help in her development which I think is great and the best part is I even get to go home with her Art work.

I couldn't be happier or more thankful for such great people. It is like we have become a "Forever Young Family" !"

Jennifer V.

Flushing, NY

"I definitely wanted to take the time to review Forever Young. Though I am not a new mother (my older son was never in daycare) thinking about daycare for the first time in my life has been stressful. It turned out that Forever Young was the one and only facility I looked at for my son. I felt welcomed immediately by all the staff, and all the worries I had leading up to his start were quickly diminished. The building is clean and well kept, and tight security at the door allows me to feel comfortable that my boy is safe. Definitely check it out..."


Flushing, NY

"Great daycare!! I enrolled my child there in Sept 2011 when he was less that a year old and I loved their open door policy! I was so happy to have found them, after having been to another daycare where my son would cry the entire time he was there! At Forever Young it was the opposite!!! Great from the start! They let me come in and breastfeed during the day, if I had a break from work, and my husband would visit our son at lunch time and was sometimes even able to put him down for his afternoon nap himself! It felt like an extension of home and not a faraway place where my son had to be for many hours of the day. Open door policy also means you get to know other parents and the children your baby spends so many hours with (we loved that!). For my son the transition to the daycare was seamless thanks to their flexibility and the effort to work with parents to find solutions to anything that may come up. My son was lucky to have the same great caregivers for the entire time he was there! The staff is great, very friendly and open. If you want to take time, you can really get to know everybody and it helps you feel comfortable knowing your baby is cared by people you trust. The food is varied and balanced and is provided (unlike other daycare that expect you to pack lunches). And kids do learn a lot! Compared to other babies that stayed home with nannies, it felt that my son was light years ahead of them mobility, verbal and all other skills. he learned to feed himself with a spoon before age one and to sit at the table and eat politely with others by 14 months. Forever Young is definitely worth it! Highly recommended!"

Elena F.

Forest Hills, NY

"I wanted to express my husband and I's deep appreciation for how well Caitlyn's teachers have taken care of her and the extra effort they put in taking care of all of the children each day. They keep us well informed about how Caitlyn did during the day. We enjoyed working with them as we introduced new foods to Caitlin and watched her learn to crawl. Thank you!"

Anne R.

Floral Park, NY

"My four sons had attended Forever Young. The first day I came to the Open House I was very nervous and very upset that I had to drop my baby off with total strangers (I actually wanted to quit my job). Once I walked through the doors I was greeted by the wonderful staff. I knew right away that this would be a right place for my child. I would recommend this school to anyone that is unsure of leaving their child in a day care facility.

My children learned so much at a very young age. My son Max was counting to 20 at the age of 3 years old. My oldest son Riley had a speech disability and Forever Young helped me to get the proper assistance. My other son William had a separation issue and now he has play dates with other kids on the weekends. I had another problem with my other son Daniel with his potty training and the teacher continued to focus on Daniel and now he is potty trained!

I had really good babies. When they were infants, all four of my boys were on feeding schedules and the teachers made sure they were always fed at their feeding times, which made it easier for me to put my baby to sleep at night.

I am very thankful for the wonderful staff. I would have not been able to do this without you guys :) xox

Love, Christie, Riley, William, Daniel & Baby Max"


Whitestone, NY

"My saviors! Lori and Josh assisted me when I found myself having to search for a new day care the day I was returning to work (long story). Obviously very upset, Lori recognized my nervousness over the phone and immediately invited Ashley and me to come down together so Ashley could meet her new teachers Ms. Nicole and Ms. Genuine while Josh took the time to go over the details and answer any questions I had. The facilities are clean and brightened with the colorful artwork of the children. I could see by all the happy children, that Ashely would be in very good hands.

Thank you all of you at Forever Young: Lori, Josh, Ms. Nicole, Ms. Genuine, Ms. Marcia and Ms. Laura. I will always be grateful to your kindness and the love you have shown Ashley."

Beth, Mike and Ashely Plaia

Bayside, NY

"Forever Young is a great place. My son started going there when he was 5 months old. In his first year at the school, he has learned so much. I am so thankful that I am now able to bring him back to the daycare after I moved away for a few months. I know that now that he is two years old, he will learn even more! I am sure Izzy will love his new teachers and friends just as he did before!"

Jaime Castro / Ismanuel Corretjer (2 years old)

Queens, NY

"I am always greeted with smiles from the administration and teachers when I arrive in the mornings and evenings. The school is open until 6:30PM which helps me because some nights I have to work late. Forever Young provides all the meals (breakfast, lunch and snack) too! Mornings are never easy so this eliminates one thing I have to worry about on my way out the door.

It is also a relief to know that my child has a certified NYS teacher as the head teacher in the classroom and not someone who might only have experience babysitting as a teenager. There are many new lesson and actives going on in the classroom, and recently small "homework" assignments have come home to reinforce the themes going on in the classroom. My child and I have fun doing the "homework" together and it gives me the opportunity to see how much he has learned.

I would recommend this facility. The school is kind, very clean and my child has had a lot of growth academically and socially since starting at Forever Young. The communication with the teachers and administration has never been a problem and, from what I have seen, if I chose to have another baby I would feel comfortable leaving him or her at Forever Young knowing they would be given the best care."

K. K.

College Point, NY

"As a first time parent entering Forever Young was a big deal. I was very nervous to leave my child with a private nanny. When I went to tour the school, the administration team really eased all my worries and concerns. After multiple meetings and telephone conversations with the Director and the Administrator they were able to answer all the questions. My child has attended this daycare for 7 months and I have been nothing but satisfied with the service and care provided. I would definitely recommend this daycare to anyone."

T. T.

Whitestone, NY

"It's been almost a year since our son, Elven, started at Forever Young, when he was 18 months old. I wanted to take the time to thank you all for taking such good care of him and easing his transition, since he did have a tough time in the beginning. He has learned a tremendous amount and we are very grateful for the education he is receiving at Forever Young. All of the staff have been very friendly and helpful, especially Ms. Vanessa, Ms. Deborah, and Ms. Lori. Once again, many thanks to all the staff!"

Malar and Sam

Queens, NY

"My son started Forever Young in the summer of 2010. This is the first time he has been away from home. I have to say that Forever Young opens their doors for my son in such a way that he did not miss being at home at all. They welcomed him with open arms, and made him feel like he never had left home. he loves it!

My son has made new friends and he has improved so much with his socialization and speed. I am most happy that he is secured and safe. Like most mothers, I was worried of how he would be, and what treatment he would receive while I was not present. i have to tell you it is the best thing we have done for him! So in essence, they helped me too!

He has been fully potty trained by his teachers, (and we know how hard that is especially with boys), and the teachers helped him through it. Now he is a "Big Boy" as he says.

I also had concerns about my sons weight and what he will be eating. Forever Young's menu gives him the proper servings and the right food for his age and he loves it. He gets plenty of exercise as well. There is never a time where a teacher is not accessible, and there is always someone to answer any of your questions. This let's me know they are involved with my child.

I recommend Forever Young to all my friends and family members who are in the process of looking for Day Care. I say, "this is no Day Car, this is a home away from home". If you have not yet visited Forever Young, you definitely should! It is a great place.

Happy to have my son attend at Forever Young."

Margie - Mommy to Brandon, he is 3 years old

East Elmhurst, NY

"I am grateful for the excellent care that is provided for my daughter and the extra attention she was given by her teachers. i have nothing but positives things to say about Forever Young, which is a testament to the quality of the teachers and staff at Forever Young. Thank you for everything you have been doing in providing an excellent place for my daughter to learn and providing me the peace of mind that she was cared for in a fun, safe and caring environment. I will definitely recommend the school to everyone I know!"

Ms. Pardo

Fresh Meadows, NY

"Dear Mr. Sacks,

I would like to thank you for the care, education and support you and your staff provided for my two children, Andrew and Elizabeth, during their attendance at Forever Young. Between the spacious facility and kind and knowledgeable teachers, Forever Young was a perfect choice for my kids.

Since the beginning of Andre and Liz's attendance, they've learned the necessary skills of respect, teamwork and consideration for others. I like the balance that the learning center provides between taking time to develop important skills, and giving kids the time to laugh and play with their peers. The creative spaces like the "Tumble Room", and "The Village" made it so much more fun for them to enjoy time with their friends.

I especially would like to express many thanks to your teachers and assistant teacher for their patience and dedication in providing quality care and learning experience to the children. With Ms. Lori coming on board as Assistant Director, the school felt more buzzing. Her energetic personality made my kids laugh all the time and she was always very open and responsive to any questions or concerns.

I also want to mention Ms. Larissa (Pre-K) and thank her for her tolerance and commitment to the kids in her classroom. Pre-K is where the kids learn the most important skills like writing and reading. Andrew can't say enough how much he enjoyed being in Pre-K. He is proud that he can write his own name!

I wish that my kids could stay at Forever Young longer, but due to that changes in my job schedule, I have to move them to another school. They will miss everyone very much.

Once again, many thanks to all the staff and good luck in everything!

Sincerely, Jane T."

Jane T. - Andrew & Elizabeth's Mom

Whitestone, NY

"I just wanted to say thank you to the Infant A teachers, Miss Emma, Miss Marcia, and the Infant B's Miss LeeAnn for taking such good care of my son Christian. When Christian entered Infant A he was just rolling over, and trying to crawl. Now as of today, he is waking and starting to run. I thank you guys for giving him the opportunity to learn to crawl, and walk in your room. You girls took such good care of him, and treated him very well. That made me so happy. Now because of you girls he has moved up to the Toddler Room and succeeding in there as well."

Michelle McCrain

Flushing, NY

"My son Leo joined Forever Young at 15 months old. Within the first two months his cognitive skills, language development, interpersonal skills, and reasoning/logic burgeoned. He has grown leaps and bounds since he began and continues to surprise me daily.

He actually says please and excuse me. He selects his own reading materials at home and has a real sense of humor!

With the help of the wonderfully caring staff, it has been much easier establishing healthy sleeping habits i.e. paci-free :) and teaching him to feed himself with utensils.

The school offers a diverse menu and accommodates our organic dietary goals.

If you are looking for an active learning environment for your child and more than just a Day Care, then I recommend Forever Young."

Lovette - My son Leo is 20 months old

Rego Park, NY

"Dear Joshua and Lori,

Thank you so much for all you are doing to take care of our children, Marco and Julia. My husband and I are so pleased with your facility and your teachers. Your teachers are truly remarkable in the sense that they are so positive, always smiling, and so incredibly great with the children. So far Marco and Julia are having a great time and they look forward to coming to "school" everyday. you have exceeded our expectations!"

Marco and Julia

College Point, NY

"Dear Josh, Lori, Michelle, Patricia, Danielle and Lia (and our former teachers too!). We just wanted to say thank you for the amazing care you took of our daughters, Alice (2 1/2) and Eloise (11 months). Although our time there was relatively short, it was such a wonderful experience.

We were definitely apprehensive about daycare in general, considering we were fortunate enough to be able to have grandparents look after them for the first 2 years. But when our situation changed, Forever Young was an easy choice after we toured the facility and met the fantastic staff.

As expected, there was a period of adjustment when we first started, but even in that time, we never worried about the care that was being provided. The staff supported Alice and Eloise (and us!) through this transition period. It was wonderful when Alice would come home with art projects she made, singing songs and talking about her friends at school. Eloise brought home art projects too, plus she seemed very loving toward her teachers and classmates, which was a great sign of her positive experiences as well.

We are going to miss everyone there, but will definitely come to visit !
Thank you again for everything."

Kim, Steve, Alice & Eloise

Forest Hills, NY

"Forever Young is a wonderful place for my daughter to socialize with children. The professional staff add a loving environment in which my daughter Bianca flourishes. I always feel welcomed from the front desk to the classroom. The staff provides a warm atmosphere. Bianca loves her time at Forever Young and it has been a great school for our daughter."

Alfred Suwara and Bianca 3 yrs.

Queens, NY


My daughter Alma has been attending Forever Young for the last 16 months. I just wanted to share with you how happy we have been with the care she has received.
She has been going with a big smile every morning, and we see how much she has learned while away from us.
Josh has been great, always very helpful and loving. Lori was the first person we met when we first came in for a tour, and her personality affected our selection. She is so warm, cheerful, and her knowing of everyone of the kids, including what they liked, amazed us.
Her teachers in the Toddler class are so warm and loving, and have taught her so much. She came home with so many songs, good habits, manners, and things she mostly did not learn at home. (We do not speak English at home, and do not play English songs, and we certainly do not know sign language!!)
We were always happy to see the kids artwork on the walls, and especially liked seeing pictures of the kids working on the art. It was the simple things that made us feel like we know what her day looks like.
The more time we spent at Forever Young, the more we appreciated the place, and the staff.
Many thanks to Josh, Lori, Deborah, Vanessa, Mona and Elizabeth."

Meiti Ofri, mother of Alma Karkashon

Rego Park, NY

"I've been meaning to write a review for a while. My child was enrolled at Forever Young from before he could sit up by himself until he graduated from Pre-K. I had a wonderful experience with Forever Young. My son thrived there. By the time he started Kindergarten in the fall he was reading, writing, and doing math above his grade level despite being one of the youngest kids in the Kindergarten class. Forever Young really prepared him both socially and academically for "big kid" school."

Kenton's Mom

College Point, NY

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so very much for everything your staff has done for Jalissa and I. Sending Jalissa to Forever Young was just about the best thing I could have done. You have all taken the time to help Jalissa and I get through some rough patches and for that THANK YOU just doesn't seem to cut it. We wish you nothing but the best for years and years to come."


Karen (Gammies) and JJ

College Point, NY

"Thank you so much to Josh, Lori, and especially Ms. Jeanette and Ms. Patricia, for all the effort you put in each day. You have all helped CJ mature and achieve so much while attending the Pre-Kindergarten program here at Forever young. I appreciate everything you have done for him and I. Keep up the great work that you do for all the children in your school!"


Flushing, NY

"I knew form the moment I stepped foot into Forever Young that it would be a dream school to work for. The school is kept absolutely immaculate and the well lit hallways and bright colors immediately welcome you into the facility. The walls are covered with children's artwork and actual photos of the children involved in various activities such as reading books, performing science experiments, and playing math games. You can see firsthand the learning taking place and the fun they are having each and everyday. It is an amazing location with beautiful landscaping and lots of space surrounding the school for the children to get fresh air and the Forever Young Village which gives the children opportunities that they wouldn't normally have just being in a classroom all day. In these rooms, our children explore physical aspects of learning such as fitness, role play and so much more. I feel honored and privileged to be part of the Forever Young family and I make sure to make each and every family feel the same way when they enter into our school."


Flushing, NY

"My son Noah has attended Forever Young since he was there months old. I had extreme anxiety going back to work being a first time mom with a baby so young. From the Director and Assistant Director, to his teachers, to even the cook, they all made me feel completely at ease. They reassured me that they would take care of him exactly the way I wanted him to, including feedings and naps, and as he got older they helped me transition him to solids all while respecting my only organic and vegetarian diet I implemented for him. They encouraged me to call and check on him throughout the day and each time I did I felt good knowing that he was happy and thriving. They even took pictures of him doing activities such as art projects and playing with toys, that really reassured me that I had chosen the right place for my son. He has become a much more social baby as well, not everyone that we come into contact with. My husband and I are more than happy we chose Forever Young, and we plan to have him continue all the way through Pre-K!"


Forest Hills, NY

"Forever Young is a great learning center for my son. Not only is the building secure (fingerprints scanner just to enter!), but the entire staff is very loving. Its obvious that the school is not just babysitting my son, he is learning new things too!

I visited other centers before he was enrolled, and I knew right away this was the right place!
I highly recommend it!"


College Point, NY

"As a mom who never left her kids with anyone, Forever Young is the best decision I ever made. Not only do I know my girls are in a safe, secure environment and well taken care of; they are HAPPY! And that is priceless.

It was a rough couple of weeks getting started but now my three years old gets herself dressed at 7am and even begged to go when she was sick! My 11 month old looks at me and smiles as I walk out of the room each day and says goodbye. As a former teacher, i can say with confidence that the staff is outstanding; these are people who truly love and enjoy children and have a working knowledge of child development. The best part is that Forever Young will meet your child where they are and will not JUDGE you if your child uses transitional items like banks or blanks or not yet potty trained. IN FACT they will help your child potty train and transition to the next stage of development! Again as someone with a background in education, I know that these attributes are a rare find. I am so grateful for Forever Young!"

Tori and Natalie

College Point, NY

"My daughter has been in Forever Young for almost 9 months, and I could not be any more happy with the service that they provide. I love my daughters teachers very much and I know that my daughter does too!!!!

She has been in the toddler room with Vanessa and I honestly could not complain about a single thing. They do a lot of interactive things with the kids all day and make sure that every child is cared for. Forever Young is very good at letting you know what will be happening during the week and in the future. I would and have recommended this daycare to people because at the end of the day there isn't another place I would rather my daughter be."

Anna Nierenberg

College Point, NY

"My son was two years old when I initially began to think about putting him in a scholastic environment. Forever Young had been highly recommended to me by other mothers. I called Forever Young, and made an appointment for a tour of the school and was very pleasantly surprised!

The staff is very professional and committed to the development of the children. Forever Young has a wonderful balance of love, care and fun for young toddlers/children. Their program prepares children at a very effective pace into a more academic settings once your individual child is ready. My son is in the Prepper class and will soon transition into the Preschool classroom.
Since my son began attending this school, he has really flourished. They have helped him with toilet training, with speaking and most importantly with the development and reinforcement of health interpersonal skills. My only regret is not having found Forever Young earlier!.
My son attends the school full time, five days a week. Had I started him earlier, I would have opted for three days a week.
If you have not visited this school you most certainly should. The playground, Forever Young Village, and individualized class room settings set this school apart. This is not a "day care". It is a place where your child will grow from being stimulated and challenged. There are very few schools in NY that really compare in terms of quality at this level of a child's development. I highly recommend Forever Young's philosphy and moreover this specific school - Forever Young Child Care Center, Flushing."

Amy - a very happy and proud mommy.

My son's name is Kiko (almost 3 years old)

Forest Hills, NY